• Likewise, theimpactof this warming will be very different depending on where you are—coastal areas must worry about rising sea levels, while Siberia and northern Canada may become more habitable (宜居的) andappealingfor humans than these areas are now.
  • Vast areas of the United States are off-limits to oil exploration and production in the name of environmental protection.
  • To prevent possible traffic jams in nearby areas.
  • A great variety of schools have sprung up in urban and suburban areas.
  • In wider and more difficult areas of life, there is evidence to indicate that natural surroundings improve all kinds of things.
  • Children who have chances to explore natural areas tend to develop a strong love for science
  • Some areas of inquiry have few prospects of a commercial return, and Lee's is one of them.
  • But when the mice were well-fed, they stayed in areas of the cage that were considered "safe".
    2018年6月四級真題(第二套)聽力 Section C
  • California has been facing a drought for many years now, with certain areas even having to pump freshwater hundreds of miles to their distribution system.
    2018年12月四級真題(第一套)閱讀 Section C
  • For more than a decade, FedEx has supported the American Red Cross in its effort to get emergency supplies to areas affected by disasters, both domestically and internationally.
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  • In the second experiment meant to pit the mice's hunger against their fear, hungry mice were placed in a cage that had certain "fox-scented" areas and other places that smelled safer but also had food.
    2018年6月四級真題(第二套)聽力 Section C
  • It is proof that taxes on sugary drinks can win substantial support outside super-liberal areas.
    2019年12月四級真題(第一套)閱讀 Section C
  • It turned out that, when the mice were hungry, they ventured into the unsafe areas for food.
    2018年6月四級真題(第二套)聽力 Section C
  • More people who lived in cities and suburbs said they wanted to try driverless cars than those who lived in rural areas.
    2016年6月四級真題(第二套)閱讀 Section C
  • Private courier companies, which have more dollars to spend, use their expertise in logistics to help revitalize damaged areas after a disaster.
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  • Some profitable areas such as the DVD publishing business will survive.
    2015年12月四級真題(第一套)聽力 Section A
  • The Cleveland Clinic, a hospital operator, has reorganised its medical staff into teams to focus on particular treatment areas; consultants, nurses and others collaborate closely instead of being separated by speciality and rank.
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  • UPS's charitable arm, the UPS Foundation, uses the company’s logistics to help disaster-struck areas rebuild.
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  • Globally, knowing more than one language is viewed as an asset and even a necessity in many areas.
  • Newsweek ranked 165 countries, looking at five areas that affect women's lives; treatment under the law, workforce participation, political power, and access to education and health care
  • They say that if Monsanto wins, the impact will extend far beyond agriculture―locking up property rights in an array of important areas.
  • They should also be seeking individuals who have backgrounds in areas such as political science, the creative arts, history or philosophy, which will allow them to put business decisions into a wider context.
  • Applicants from less developed regions and areas
  • For instance, even though more women than men are still homemakers without paying jobs, women have been taking over more responsibility in the business world, earning higher salaries than ever before and entering fields of work that used to be exclusively male areas.
  • There isn't much violent crime in a small town like Green Ville, or at least not as much as in the large urban areas
  • Rapes rarely occur in the downtown areas.
  • "The creation of a system of marine protected areas is a key part of ongoing scientific and policy discussions in CCAMLR," he added.
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  • A global campaign has been launched to create a network of ocean sanctuaries to protect the seas in the region and Greenpeace is calling for an immediate halt to fishing in areas being considered for sanctuary status.
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  • As conservation areas become smaller, lions are increasingly coming into contact with human populations, which are expanding to the boundaries of these protected areas.
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  • Cognitive stimulation is one of the areas where we did find some benefit.
    2016年6月六級真題(第二套)聽力 Section C
  • first, the earthquake would shake metropolitan areas including Seattle and Portland.
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  • If there's a downward pressure on costs, because of a need for investment in other areas, I would argue that this is a perfectly feasible solution.
    2016年12月六級真題(第二套)聽力 Section C
  • If we attend to these areas, a child's success may reinforce itself with positive feedback loops.
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  • In the areas where one plate is beneath another, stress builds up over time.
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  • It is also critical for socially charged neuroscience issues such as the genetic basis for a particular behavior, the therapeutic potential of stem cell therapy for neurodegenerative diseases, or the use of animal models, areas where the public understand
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  • Located on the Mediterranean just two hours south of Barcelona, the Ebro Delta produces 120 million kilograms of rice a year, making it one of the continent's most important rice-growing areas.
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  • Teachers in low-income urban and rural areas with no history of participating in math competitions may not know about advanced-math opportunities like Math Counts—and those who do may not have support or feel trained to lead them.
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  • That, too, explains the heavy Washington presence at this year's show, as these new technologies intrude upon heavily regulated areas.
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  • The question is not whether it will reach other rice-growing areas of Europe, but when.
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  • The report focused on poor urban areas, where farms in or near cities supply relatively inexpensive food.
    2016年6月六級真題(第二套)閱讀 Section C
  • The results of a recent experiment showed that professors can use standardized metrics to measure how well students do in three key areas: critical thinking, written communication, and quantitative literacy.
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  • The scientists cite a definition of "workaholism" as "being overly concerned about work, driven by an uncontrollable work motivation, and vesting so much time and effort in work that it impairs other important life areas.
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  • Transforming downtown areas so that they incorporate modem housing and improved walkability to local restaurants, retail, and entertainment—especially when combined with improved infrastructure for cyclists and public transit—makes them appeal to a more a
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  • Twenty years ago, the Urban Land Institute defined the two types of cities that dominated the US landscape: smaller cities that operated around standard 9-5 business hours and large metropolitan areas that ran all 24 hours of the day.
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  • Unlike developed cities, however, these areas lack advanced water-treatment facilities, and rivers effectively become sewers.
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  • We are not the ones to decide on the establishment of marine protected areas, but we hope to contribute positively with our knowledge and experience.
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  • with the rise of a new concept in urban planning that aims to make life easier and more convenient, however, increasing popularity for urban areas that caused the real estate pushes, in major cities like San Francisco or New York, has inspired a type of f
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  • Yet the evidence from AMSAT and other areas of technology development suggests that responsible amateur communities can and do emerge around novel technologies.
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  • You will hear more and more about migration between countries and between rural areas and cities.
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