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1. I’m an office worker. 我是上班族。

2. I work for the government. 我在政府機關做事。

3. I’m happy to meet you. 很高興見到你。

4. I like your sense of humour. 我喜歡你的幽默感。

5. I’m glad to see you again. 很高興再次見到你。

6. I’ll call you. 我會打電話給你。

7. I feel like sleeping/ taking a walk. 我想睡/散步。

8. I want something to eat. 我想吃點東西。

9. I need your help. 我需要你的幫助。

10. I would like to talk to you for a minute. 我想和你談一下。

11. I have a lot of problems. 我有很多問題。

12. I hope our dreams come true. 我希望我們的夢想成真。

13. I’m looking forward to seeing you. 我期望見到你。

14. I’m supposed to go on a diet / get a raise. 我應該節食/漲工資。

15. I heard that you’re getting married. Congratulations.聽說你要結婚了,恭喜!

16. I see what your mean. 我了解你的意思。

17. I can’t do this. 我不能這么做。

18. Let me explain why I was late. 讓我解釋遲到的理由。

19. Let’s have a beer or something. 咱們喝點啤酒什么的。

20. Where is your office? 你們的辦公室在哪?

21. What is your plan? 你的計劃是什么?

22. When is the store closing? 這家店什么時候結束營業?

23. Are you sure you can come by at nine? 你肯定你九點能來嗎?

24. Am I allowed to stay out past 10? 我可以十點過后再回家嗎?

25. The meeting was scheduled for two hours, but it is now over yet.


26. Tom’s birthday is this week. 湯姆的生日就在這個星期。

27. Would you care to see it/ sit down for a while? 你要不要看/坐一會呢?

28. Can you cover for me on Friday/help me/ tell me how to get there?


29. Could you do me a big favor? 能否請你幫我個忙?

30. He is crazy about Crazy English. 他對瘋狂英語很著迷。

31. Can you imagine how much he paid for that car?


33. Did you know he was having an affair/cheating on his wife?


34. Did you hear about the new project? 你知道那個新項目嗎?

35. Do you realize that all of these shirts are half off?


36. Are you mind if I take tomorrow off? 你介意我明天請假嗎?

37. I enjoy working with you very much. 我很喜歡和你一起工作。

38. Did you know that Stone ended up marrying his secrettary?


39. Let’s get together for lunch. 讓我們一起吃頓午餐吧。

40. How did you do on your test? 你這次考試的結果如何?

41. Do you think you can come? 你認為你能來嗎?

42. How was your weekend ? 你周末過得怎么樣?

43. Here is my card. 這是我的名片。

44. He is used to eating out all the time. 他已經習慣在外面吃飯了。

45. I’m getting a new computer for birthday present. 我得到一臺電腦作生日禮物。

46. Have you ever driven a BMW? 你有沒有開過“寶馬”?

47. How about if we go tomorrow instead? 我們改成明天去怎么樣?

48. How do you like Hong Kong? 你喜歡香港嗎?

49. How do you want your steak? 你的牛排要幾分熟?

50. How did the game turn out? 球賽結果如何?

51 .How did Mary make all of her money? 瑪麗所有的錢是怎么賺到的?

52. How was your date? 你的約會怎么樣?

53. How are you doing with your new boss? 你跟你的新上司處得如何?

54 .How should I tell him the bad news? 我該如何告訴他這個壞消息?

55. How much money did you make? 你賺了多少錢?

56. How much does it cost to go abroad? 出國要多少錢?

57. How long will it take to get to your house? 到你家要多久?

58. How long have you been here? 你在這里多久了?

60. How about going out for dinner? 出去吃晚餐如何?

61. I’m sorry that you didn’t get the job. 很遺憾,你沒有得到那份工作。

62. I’m afraid that it’s not going to work out. 我恐怕這事不會成的。

63. I guess I could come over. 我想我能來。

64123 it okay to smoke in the office? 在辦公室里抽煙可以嗎?

65. It was kind of exciting. 有點剌激。

66. I know what you want. 我知道你想要什么。

67. that why you don’t want to go home? 這就是你不想回家的原因嗎?

68. I’m sure we can get you a great / good deal. 我很肯定我們可以幫你做成一筆好交易。

69. Would you help me with the report? 你愿意幫我寫報告嗎?

70.I didn’t know he was the richest person in the world.我不知道他是世界上最有錢的人。

71.I’ll have to ask my boss/wife first.我必須先問一下我的老板/老婆。

72. I take it you don’t agree. 這么說來,我認為你是不同意。

73. I tried losing weight, but nothing worked. 我曾試著減肥,但是毫無效果。

74.It doesn’t make any sense to get up so early.那么早起來沒有任何意義。

75. It took years of hard work to speak good English.


76. It feels like spring/ I’ve been here before.


77.I wonder if they can make it. 我在想他們是不是能辦得到。

78. It’s not as cold / hot as it was yesterday. 今天不想昨天那么冷/熱。

79. It’s not his work that bothers me; it’s his attitude.


80. It sounds like you enjoyed it. 聽起來你好象蠻喜歡的。

81. It seems to me that be would like to go back home. 我覺得他好象想要回家。

82. It looks very nice. 看起來很漂亮。

83. everything under control? 一切都在掌握之中嗎?

84. I thought you could do a better job. 我以為你的表現會更好。

85. It’s time for us to say “No” to America. 是我們對美國說不的時候了。

86. The show is supposed to be good. 這場表演應當是相當好的。

87. It really depends on who is in charge. 那純粹要看誰負責了。

88. It involves a lot of hard work. 那需要很多的辛勤工作。

89. That might be in your fav123 那可能對你有利。

90. I didn’t realize how much this meant to you.