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What is the best thing you have ever heard a teacher say?你聽過老師的哪些金句?

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“Go home and take the time you need to relax. Is there anything I could have done differently?”


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Ladies and gentlemen, please find your seats and listen up. As soon as you leave here today I want you to apply for as many credit cards as you can get approved for, borrow money from your family, work extra jobs, sell drugs… kidding…, but take all that money, buy a plane ticket, and go to Europe immediately.You know why? Because when you finish college, have a career, start a family, and have a mortgage - you’ll be too busy. You’ll wish you would have done it sooner, and you’ll never have the time. You’ll wish that you did it right now.女士們先生們,找好座位坐下聽我講。今天你們從這離開后,我希望你們盡可能多辦幾張信用卡、找家人借錢、多打幾份工、賣點毒品,開玩笑啦,但是,我希望你們可以帶上所有的錢,買一張機票,立刻飛往歐洲。知道為什么嗎?因為當你們畢業了,有了工作、家庭、房貸車貸——你會忙到炸裂。到時候你就會希望自己能早點做這件事,然而你永遠都沒有時間,你多么希望自己能夠馬上出走。

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Hi, my name is Dan Rusiecki, I’ll be your literature teacher, and please be warned that failing my class is very very difficult.嗨,我是丹·魯史克,我將是你們的文學老師,有言在先哦,我的課你們掛不掉的。

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Just because you are given a pass for something, doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse it.