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Why are some very smart people so quiet?為什么有些聰明人很安靜?

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Smart people are quiet because they are smart, very smart, and supremely smart.聰明人很安靜因為他們聰明、很聰明、超級聰明。

1.Speaking teaches you little or nothing. It is far more enlightening in both the short and long term to listen and watch.1.說話不能教會你什么。從短期和長期來看,聽和看都更能受啟發。

2.People hear you when you shout and listen when you whisper. Apprehend how people behave when you speak softly but clearly.2.你喊的時候人們只是聽見,小聲說話人們才會傾聽。你會知道輕聲但清楚地說話時人們會是什么反應。

3.A quiet and gentle mind can usually find the time to deal with the most baffling problems and at least conjure some ideas.3.安靜從容的頭腦通常能有時間處理最讓人困擾的問題,至少能有一些想法。

4.When a quiet person raises her or his decibel level to what most might judge as ordinary, the sounds may seem enormously loud to listerners accustomed to leaning forward and perking their ears to hear the speaker.4.一個安靜的人把音量提高到在大部分人看來是正常水平時,對于那些習慣了身體前傾豎起耳朵聽他說話的人來說這樣的聲音可能特別洪亮。

5.To be quiet does not mean that smart people cannot become raucous sometimes, and when they do, all of their acquaintances notice right away.5.安靜不代表聰明人不會在有些時候大聲說話,他們大聲說話時所有認識他們的人都會立刻注意到。

6.BTW, in American schools, students are required to speak up, and in many schools to speak up loudly. Quite the opposite in Chinese and other Asian schools.6.順便說一下,美國學校的學生都被要求大聲說話,很多學校還要求特別大聲說話,這和中國還有其他亞洲國家恰恰相反。

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“The smarter you get the less you speak”“人越聰明話越少”

Once my friend, who is very enthusiast in reading, told me the smarter you get the less you speak. Anyone can argue, debate, condemn, criticize, complain but the true knowledge comes from within from inside. It takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving. Knowledge also brings peace, calmness and silence with itself.曾經一個癡迷于閱讀的朋友告訴我“人越聰明話越少”。任何人都能爭論、辯論、譴責、批評、抱怨,但真正的知識來自于內在。做到理解和原諒需要有品格和自控力,知識自帶平和、冷靜和沉默。

Some people are introvert just because they know that most of the time debating doesn’t bring results; it brings confusion. They are not listening; they are more focused on winning the argument.有些人內向,就是因為他們知道大多數時候爭論不會有結果,只會一團糟。爭論的人并沒有在聽,他們更關注的是贏得這場爭論。

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Why are some very smart people so quiet?為什么有些聰明人很安靜?

I can think of the following reasons:我能想出以下原因:

Very smart people:很聰明的人:

-choose to talk less, and listen more, in order to seek more information, which leads to opportunities;-選擇少說多聽以便能收集更多信息,這些信息才能帶來機會;

-seek first to understand; then to be understood;-首先努力去理解,然后被理解;

-know how to exercise savoir-faire, so as to stay on top of the game;-知道如何鍛煉隨機應變的能力,以便能保住游戲中的優勢地位;

-understand the realism of “Dumb people talk about people; Average people talk about events; Intelligent people talk about ideas.” (Steve Jobs);-明白這個現實“蠢人談論人;庸人談論事;智者談論思想。”(喬布斯);

-believe in ’Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.’;-堅信“永遠不要和傻子爭吵,旁觀者看不出你和傻子的區別”;

-accept the reality of ’Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.’-接受一個現實“永遠不要和白癡爭吵,他們只會降低你的檔次,并用經驗打敗你。”

-live by the code of “Talk doesn’t cook rice; only Action creates Results;”-生活要以這個為準“光說不練假把式,只有行動才會有結果”;

-appreciate that life is defined by what you do and what you don’t do;要懂得生命是被你所做的和沒做的定義的。