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What Are the Best Ways to Find Native English Speakers Interested in Communicating with Students to Improve Their English as a Foreign Language?如何找到愿意和你交流的老外?

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The answer to this question depends on if you currently live in an English-speaking environment or not. 這個問題的回答取決于你是否居住在英語環境下。

If you live in a predominantly English-speaking country, you can easily find opportunities to practice - you just need to go outside and start engaging with your community. 如果你居住在英語國家,那么你很容易可以找到機會練習口語,你只需要走出去然后融入到群體中去。

Joining groups or activities that you enjoy can be a great way to meet people with a common interest and start a conversation.加入你喜歡的團體或者活動將是一個很棒的方法去遇到有趣的人并開始有趣的對話。

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If you would like to find people for online chatting / skyping, very good website ishttp://italki.com or http://sharedtalk.com.There you can find foreign friends and then talk to them over Skype for example.如果你喜歡通過網絡或者網絡電話來找人聊天的話,http://italki.com 或者 http://sharedtalk.com是不錯的網站。在這些網站上你可以找到外國朋友然后再Skype與他們聊天。

If you are looking for ways to find people offline - in the real world, I would suggest using website http://meetup.com, where you can search for meetup groups in your area. For example you can search for "English in Hanoi" or "language exchange in Berlin" and there you go - English meetup groups in specified city will show up... :) Then you can join desired group and come to the meetings where meet foreigners.如果你是在尋找方法在線下與人聊天的話,我建議用http://meetup.com這個網站,通過這個網站你可以尋找到你所在區域的碰面社團。舉個栗子,你可以搜索“河內英語”或者“柏林語言交流”,然后你所搜索城市的社團就會出現了,你就可以加入你心儀的社團并見面與他們交流了。