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to be pumped = to be very excited and physically ready to do something激動=非常興奮,實際上已經準備好做某事

I’m pumped to welcome to the Mario to the stage!我非常激動地歡迎馬里奧來到舞臺!

Are you pumped for vacation next month?你對下個月的假期興奮嗎?

to be stoked = to be very enthused about something振奮=對某事非常熱心

She’s stoked about her trip to Tahiti next week.她對下周去塔希提的旅行感到興奮。

No, I’m not stoked about the test. I hate tests!不,我對考試不感興趣。我討厭考試!



S + be + (really, very, quite) excited + about something主語 + be +(really, very, quite) excited + about something

Use this form for a special event or opportunity:使用此結構來表達對特殊事件或機會的激動:

I’m very excited about working with Tom on the new project.我很高興能和湯姆在新項目上合作。

I’m quite excited about my new car!我很興奮擁有了一輛新車。

S + be + (really) looking forward to something主語 + be + (really) looking forward to something

Use this form when you are anticipating a meeting or other event in the future. This expression is common in business settings:當你期待會議或其他未來的事件時,請使用此結構。這種表達在商業環境中是很常見的:

I’m really looking forward to opening the new store next week.我對下星期開這家新商店真的很期待。

She’s looking forward to taking some time off work.她期待著休假一段時間。

S + feel confident that ...主語 + feel confident that ...

Use this form to express that you have confidence that something will happen in the future:使用這個結構來表達你對將來會發生某事有信心:

I feel confident that I’ll get the position.我相信我能得到這個職位。

We feel confident that our son will succeed.我們確信我們的兒子會成功。

S + cherish主語 + cherish

Use cherish on special occasions as this form is quite strong:在特殊場合使用cherish,因為這種結構情感很強烈:

I cherish the time I spend with you.我珍惜與你共度的時光。

Jack cherishes every opportunity to speak to a client.杰克珍惜每一個與客戶交談的機會。

Expressing Enthusiasm with Adjectives用形容詞表達熱情


Wow, that’s amazing! I’ve never seen a sunset like that before!哇,太棒了!我以前從未見過這樣的日落!

Look at that mountain. It’s awesome!看那座山。太棒了!

I Can’t Believe It!我不敢相信!

The phrase I can’t believe is often used to express something that surprises you in a good way:I can’t believe這個短語經常用來表達一些讓你驚訝的好的事物:

I can’t believe how much fun that ride was!我簡直不敢相信那是多么有趣啊!

I can’t believe how much I love you!我不敢相信我有多愛你!

Expressing Enthusiasm for Someone Else表達對別人的熱情

Here are a number of phrases used to express enthusiasm when we hear someone’s good news.當我們聽到某人的好消息時,這里有一些表達欣喜的短語。

S + be + (so, really, very) happy / excited / delighted + for you / them / him / her主語 + be + (so, really, very) happy / excited / delighted + for you / them / him / her

Use these adverbs and adjectives in combination to express happiness for someone:用這些副詞和形容詞組合來表達某人的祝福:

I’m really delighted for you. Good luck!我真為你高興。祝你好運!

She’s so excited for her husband.她為丈夫感到開心。

Congratulations! / Congratulations on the / your ...祝賀你!祝賀你的…

You can express enthusiasm for special achievements by beginning with congratulations:你可以從祝賀開始,來表達對特殊成就的喜悅:

Congratulations on your new house!恭喜你有了新房子!

Congratulations! You must be a proud father!祝賀你!你一定是個令人驕傲的父親!

S + must + be + (so, really, very) happy / excited / delighted主語 + must + be + (so, really, very) happy / excited / delighted

Use the modal verb of probability must to express your belief that what you say about someone else is true:使用表達可能性的情態動詞must來表達你相信別人說的是真的:

You must be so excited!你一定很興奮!

She must have been thrilled!她一定很興奮吧!

That’s great / fantastic / wonderful!太棒了/太好了/太贊了!

When someone shares their enthusiasm they expect you to react to their good news. Here are some phrases to help you spread the joy:當某人分享他們的熱情時,他們期望你對他們的好消息做出反應。這里有一些短語可以幫助你傳播快樂:

Your wife is pregnant. That’s fantastic!你妻子懷孕了。太棒了!

That’s great! You should be proud of yourself.那太好了!你應該為自己感到驕傲。

I’m (so, very, really) happy for you.我真的為你感到非常高興。

Use this phrase to express that you truly wish someone the best:用這個短語來表達你真誠地希望某人一切都好:

I’m really happy for you. I’m sure you’ll be great at your new job.我真為你高興。我相信你會在新工作上越來越棒。

I’m so happy for you and your husband. Would you like a boy or a girl?我為你和你的丈夫感到高興。你想要男孩還是女孩?

You deserve it!你值得這一切!

Use this phrase to express joy when someone has worked hard for an achievement. You deserve it is also used to say that someone deserves a special gift or consideration.用這個短語來表達當某人為一項成就努力工作時的喜悅。你應得的,它也被用來說,某人值得特別的禮物或關注。

I heard about your new job. Congratulations! You deserve it.我聽說你的新工作了。祝賀你!這是你應得的。

Let’s go out to dinner. You deserve it.我們出去吃飯吧。這是你應得的。